EMail A Large File

I think the issue of sending a large file is even more important to a non-technical business than a company that is better versed online. If you use paper or simple emails and don’t use a computer often you won’t need to do a lot of file sending but it will occasionally happen.

The mechanics of sending a large file, a file that is too big to put into an attachment, can be difficult. I struggled with this for the last 12 years and I work in a technical field. I’ll spare you the details of servers and ftp’ing¬†while supporting a client that is not technical.

There are better solutions today and this one using SendIt is pretty good. They have the servers and give you some nice apps that combine steps and let you email or text the file to your party in one step.

In another article I’ll talk about receiving large files. You think it would be just as simple but remember that the person you need the file from often does not know how to send it and you are left in the role of IT support.

And I’ll share that setting this stuff up the first time you need to send a file means it will be doubly frustrating so do it now when it’s not critical and you can practice one or two to get it right.

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