Easy Business Website Creation

On the lookout for an easy to create a professional looking website builder? TechCrunch reports on a new service called Barley. The claim of this site is to have an inline editing of your website with easy setup templates. A downside to other website builders like WordPress is that they require you to log into the backend admin account and then fish around in a non-WYSIWYG interface to get the page you want. Admittedly not intuitive.

I’ll state here that it is $18 per month. Not the best price but not horrible. We have not compared the templates or the features for website building as compared to Google Sites but for $18 you get 3 users with full access to all Google Apps so it would need compelling function to justify that price.

XIliumWe find that for some people the content creation alone is challenging. If you have the style and layout you still need images and text well written and presented and these sites, easy as they are, can still use the help of people to get you to the 90% level and then you can use the easy tools to refine and edit it to what you like and know is right. We have the skilled people to fill in any gaps you have for this type of work. Like getting started, tool training and setup.


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