E Signatures And Tax Time

Starting Taxes

This morning I’m going through the packets that the accountants sent a week ago. In the pile I see a document titled Instructions for Electronic Filing, hmm what’s this? What they need is for me to send authorization for Form 1120S – Filings for S-Corps. I don’t know if this was in play last year (I don’t recall but generally I have mailed in the Federal filings after signing papers.)

So I find the Form 8879-S go wander the house and find a pen. I start to sign it and the pen skips. I scribble and scribble until finally the pen writes about 90% of the time then sign the form. My signature is a bit janky looking but readable. I walk over to my HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z and put the paper in the auto-feeder. I hear the satisfying ding that it registered the feeder was ready then walked back to my computer.

Scan Form 8879-S

On my laptop I bring up the document scan application and change color to black and white and reduced DPI resolution from 300 to 200 because I don’t want the file too big, then I scan away. I wait a minute or so until the document appears and no joy. The signature and date are not really readable, ugh. I get back up and walk to the other room, grab the paper from the feeder and instead of putting it through the feeder I put it on the glass (too late to save me this trip) and return to my computer. I go to the document scan again and this time I think of choosing 300 DPI but I think better. The black and white option is what probably washed out bits of my signature so I changed it to grayscale.

ScanTaxAnother scan and wait and the document comes out acceptable. I navigate back to the Dropbox folder and overwrite the bad copy. Next I go back to my accountants email and hit reply. I drag the document from my Dropbox business Accounting folder into my GMail reply. I scratch out a note and append it with a suggestion that they send any similar forms as a PDF next time and I promised they would have it back within 10 mins (remember HelloSign?)

This process took about 15 mins or longer where the HelloSign process would have taken 1 minute. Valuable time when you add up the many emails and similar work that a small business owner has in a day.


On my way out to put stamps on my State Return I only found one stamp – DOH! Now I have to go buy more stamps.

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