Don’t Use IE

I have discussed that using Chrome has conveniences in the Google Universe and if you are on Windows it is more than convenient but essential for your health, your online health. It’s not as critical to actually use Chrome to solve security issues but more to avoid Microsoft’s IE that’s important.

warsMy recommendation is for you to use either Chrome or Firefox. Firefox has just announced a new release with new ‘Don Not Track’ and a health report. The point of my recommendation is not that today at this moment IE is less secure than the other two (it probably is less secure) but that Chrome and Firefox are on update and design trajectories that keeps you statistically safer.

As organizations Google(Chrome) and Mozilla Foundation, author of the Firefox browser, develop more quickly and use better foundational tools within their development streams. Using them also means that you have a more progressive platform which supports more open standards which makes it play better in your larger ecosystem. That means on your phone, tablet and computer you get a better experience.

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