Don’t Sound Like A Dork On The Innertubes

I have been on a mission for about 4-5 months. The mission is for me to go back to something I have written; website, article, posting, comment… and reread it. Reread it and not go Ack! We have had the squiggly red lines underlining our posts for over a decade flagging our typos and miscreant words that sounded different in our head when we said then moments before our stenographer fingers recorded them.

1980sI’ll backup further. When in grad school in the early 80s a friend majoring in journalism shared his secret weapon that he called ‘Grammar Slammer’ that would check grammar problems. I feel that 30 years later we all deserve an auto-correcting grammar and style checking tool built into every writing orifice on the internet. Oh yeah, I don’t want to pay anything for it either. Consider it a public service to reduce the horrible things that we read. It’s like an English version of ‘What Not To Wear’, let’s call it ‘What Not To Write’.

I looked at Grammarly (you want how much every month?) and a few others. One I’m using is called Ginger. But now I have encountered SlickWrite via an article by Martin Brinkman from Ghacks. I have used it for a half a day and I’m cautiously optimistic. Actually I’m enthused about it but I am reserving judgement until I get more time with it.

Check the screenshot below for a look at the UI and how it highlights things for you. It shows a first draft of this writing. It is not as integrated as some other editors but for the range of things it gives it is worth the little extra work.


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