Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle

Documents by ReaddleCombine your Cloud Storage.

Cloud storage is great. If you use multiple gadgets and you do work across them or find times that you need access to a document or resource, it’s nice to have it. I have 5G on Dropbox, 25G on SkyDrive, 5G on Google Docs (I start losing track) but all of them are free. I may also have a Box cloud storage and a few more, all free. Keeping up with what information is where and searching it is tough and I don’t like to constantly reorganize because I have more important things to do. Documents by Readdle, an iOS app (iPad, iPhone, etc.), corrals all those cloud services and gives you a single interface into all of them. Effectively giving you a combined space so that gives me something like 50G or more of free cloud storage.

Now all I need is an Android version and I’m golden. So if you are in the Apple Universe then consider this app.

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