Credit Card Readers

If you are going to accept credit cards for your business, based on your customers not your queasiness about technology, then you have options. I’m listing 3 options here which are really the mainstream options out there. They are;

We provided the links for these in Google’s Play Store. They can also be found on iTunes.

igoFor security and trust you can’t get better today. To see decide which of these you should use there are 2 factors to consider. Which back office accounting system do you use or will you use in the next year? What is the profile of how much and how many transactions you will have in the near future. Costs are similar but Intuit will give you tight integration into your Quickbooks Online account which reduces data entry and can save you a lot of time and money by getting your transactions correct and done automatically.

ppalPaypal similarly integrates with your Paypal account but I have found the integration between Paypal and Quickbooks Online lacking. As I accept payments from Paypal they come through the integration gateway into Quickbooks but there is no differentiation between the billing and the final money transaction going into your account. I get transactions duplicated and some that are billing dumping into my paypal account but the value does not match up because it has not finalized yet and they don’t account for the fees paypal deducts in the initial payment. It’s quite confusing and wastes time and is more complicated.

sqSquare is a more independent but robust single solution for your phone. It’s quick and easy and self-contained which is both good and bad. They provide APIs(hooks for other systems) but in back 0ffice systems this is akin to the tail wagging the dog. The big dog is your accounting system and because of this I favor Quickbooks but every business varies. Evaluate based upon what your setup should be not on what is the easiest. You’ll benefit in the long run.

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