Control LinkedIn Activity Posting

I receive emails from Linked In contacts about their job changes and congratulate them on their anniversary. Pretty annoying stuff. I often use default dates and information like 1/1/1900. Disinformation across the web universe can help to obscure others from gathering information you would rather control.

On Linked In I realized that they were sending out emails on my bogus anniversary dates and when I made a slight change of title a , ‘Congratulate Don on his new job’, email would go to my contacts. I read about how to stop those emails and a day later I navigated in and found I was unable to find it on my own. I had to do a Google Search to get a link close enough to dig my way in. To help you out I’ll share it here.

annoyingemailWhen it comes to business the last thing you want to do is annoy your contacts amd customers. Know and control what goes to them and when it goes.

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