Clean Install Your Windows Computer

Businesses need computers, today most of them are Windows computers. If you use a Windows computer or have a friend/colleague that uses a Windows computer then this is worth a read. I have used computers since the mid 1980s when Apple came out with their first Macs. I converted to Windows computers in the 1990s because of work and ever since then I have experienced an effect.

When I bought or received from work my shiny brand new computer I would eagerly spend several days setting it up just so. I remember that with almost every new computer I used I was always happy with how fast it seemed. As I used the computer over the next year or two I noticed my impatience with the lack of speed. I always took this as a sign that my expectations changed because  I would read and see other newer shinier PCs. But over the decades this impression started coming with a nagging feeling. That feeling was that in fact my Windows computer was actually slowing down.

WinI started to become much stingier about what I installed and would be zealous about cleaning out applications if I felt they could impact performance. But the computers always ended up getting slower. Researching this I discovered the recommendation that after several years a person should re-install their computer from scratch. Since that time I have found that if the hardware was still okay then a clean install would work wonders to restore that fast shiny new feeling you got when it was new.

So if you want to save $500 and have a half day of time I would recommend that you follow these instructions (compliments of Lifehacker) and make your computer like new. In today’s world new computer clock speeds don’t increase much so for your usual business work like quickbooks, spreadsheets and word processors it doesn’t matter much. One other thing I’ll point out. If you have started your move to the cloud then this migration becomes much easier. See my earlier post on getting 50GB of Box cloud storage

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