Chromebook: Not Ready For Business

Neil asked me today when I was going to write about Chromebooks. I shared a lot and I think this is relevant to all business people looking to save money.

What is it?

cbookDon’t mistake Chrome the browser for Chromebook the OS. A Chromebook is a Google invention that pairs hardware manufacturers with software from Google that essentially creates on OS based off of the Chrome browser. The idea is the cloud is your storage and always(mostly) connectedness is available now. Imagine a lean system that completely focused and only supports browser functions. Theoretically you can save resources and lower costs.

What is it used for?

It is supposed to replace your computer. I can’t imagine it supplementing computer because so many other things can do it that you need anyway or are far cheaper. Think smartphone and tablet. With the Chromebook you will have to do everything that you currently use a computer to do. Access websites for financing, accounting marketing tools, collaboration …

How well does it work?

Mostly it does work. The idea is good and if you can do everything you need on a computer with Chrome then you can do it on a Chromebook. It builds in some localized storage and caching that essentially buffers your online work so as a network comes and goes temporarily you can continue to work seamlessly.

Fatal Flaw

99percentThis is a no brainer. It’s not 100%. Let’s say it’s 90% and that’s pretty good except you have to access that last 10% somehow or that last 1%. What will you do, go to a public library once a month and handle it? So you need a full-fledged computer.

Next it costs a minimum of $200-$250. Unless this is no more than $100 what’s the point. A year and a half ago I got a black Friday sale Core i3 for $320.


Should I buy it?

No you should not. Unless you want to play and have extra money and are a gadget evaluator stay away. When functionality raises to the 100% level and cost drops to half of an obtainable computer then think about it. In the meantime get yourself a cheap laptop and do what you know.

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