Business Gadget Shrinkage

I’m reading this Gizmodo post and it struck me how much this shrinkage of technology is affecting small business. Small business in particular, as opposed to larger business types, has gained huge advantages from this. Let’s look for a minute.

The smartphone small business uses:

  • Computer – check
  • Mobile phone – check
  • Electronic to-do
  • Pager

011812_bigphone_jeansAll of these are comfortably in your pocket and usable today without a lot of training. In addition I would add:

  • Camera
  • Video Camera


Because of your business marketing and customer communication these two are less often used but they are becoming  more common every day. I often urge small business owners to get on the bandwagon because of the benefits. The simpler these tools become the more small business will use them.

How about you folks? Do any readers use their smartphone functions for business that I haven’t listed here? Post a comment.

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