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TowerLogosMost businesses need to travel from time to time if not more often. The art of inexpensive travel is worth developing. Because of the changes in airlines and online purchasing you need to keep up. These rules change over time so when you learn a process that works don’t assume it will be the best way forever. To help you keep up Gizmodo has a post on how to book tickets on the cheap.

Timing is still key to ticket purchases. One strategy I’ll add is that some of the discount airlines don’t show up in 3rd party sites. So I will add to my searches Southwest and Air Tran or whatever discount airline is in the region I’m flying.

After you get where you’re going make sure you stay in the correct level hotel. Check out our past post on inexpensive hotels. If you need stay in a seen hotel(one where your client will see or know you stay) then go upscale but use Priceline to bid on a 4 star. It will get you close enough. You can read up on the costs hotels are going for in an area at Bidding For Travel or Better Bidding. Make sure you read the How This Board Works section. To learn about the process will take about an hour to get thoroughly familiar and be most effective at using it but it will give you a long-term tool to save a lot of  money. You can read enough in 15 minutes to get the gist of it but to get the most out of it, dig in.

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