Basic online security

I can get carried away with technical processes because of my background. It’s almost like a hobby, it sort of scratches an itch. It was later in life that I found out many other people don’t share this penchant for playing with technical things. When I began working with small business people I found out how they worked and that they were more focused on their business and not on the latest shiny iPhone, as they should be.

Having this new awareness I try to focus on the basics. These are things I think are worth spending a small amount of time to learn about, or at least use because they add value to the small business.

lockyourdoorIn the area of security there is value in prevention which functions like insurance. You have insurance to protect you against the bad events that can happen to your business. Implementing security measures protect you against some intrusion types that can damage your business. In some cases it can be devastating, like giving access to your client’s credit cards or private information.

Gizmodo has a list of basic steps to follow. Run through their checklist and see if you do them now or understand what they are. If not start the process of understanding them and decide when you can do it. If you don’t want to understand the why then just take the list as a given and do them saving you time and money in the effort. These are not a guarantee of being safe on the internet but it will be like locking your door. At least you locked your door.

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