Backups And The Cloud

Security is important because you can lose control, money and life can become a real pain. I have advocated increased diligence not because I’m getting older but because the world is getting hacked more. Today I’m bringing up the 30 year standard advice Back Up Your Data Now.

ssdHard drives fail whether they are SSDs or spinning disks. In fact every hard drive will fail it’s just a question of when. Many people, I’ll wager most, still store their more important data on the hard drive of their computer. The old days, 5 years ago, the main method of backup was buying an external hard drive and dumping files to it. Even this was risky because people began storing files exclusively on this drive putting them at risk.

cloudstorageThe ease of use of cloud storage allows you to have backups and not be technical. Just a little organizational planning will do.Take a bit of time and get started by reading about cloud services and start signing up. Go ahead and take a few weeks but don’t go longer. Imagine losing your quickbooks file (nightmare for any small business.)

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