Aviary: iPhone Image Editing App

When editing images from my iPhone, I always use Aviary to prettify my captured stills. No matter how busy I am, I always take a few minutes to enjoy the sunny weather, a quiet moment or a good cup of coffee. During those times I also make use of social media apps especially because I love taking pictures for uploading photos to Google+, Twitter or Instagram.

What Is It?

Aviary is an image-editing app that’s available wpid-IMG_20130430_093250.jpg for Android and iOS. What I like about it is its simplicity. I usually go for cropping, straightening orientation and brightening tools when editing photos with my iPhone and this app does the trick. I use an iPhone but the Android app should be similar.

What’s It Do?

photo-(1)One use is for image editing when you update your social media accounts. For example, if you are a wedding coordinator, snap a photo of a proposed cake, enhance it with Aviary and upload it directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Tumblr and tag your client from there. Another use for it is to snap a photo of documents. Quickly enhance the image, highlight important portions and share it with your clients. Or, if you’re at an event, snap a photo of the venue, enhance it and share with your guests. I tried the text tool, I wasn’t impressed with the functionality but for simple visual presentations for social network updates it will do. If I wanted a more artistic effect for texts on images, I use Typic (free version). Aviary has richer functionality too than these basic features. But the basics are for improving the ways you reach out to clients and friends by using pictures. You can also opt to save the image first and open it through other apps such as Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or your preferred email client.

What are the Alternatives?

I also use other image-editing apps besides Aviary. When I have more time and need heavy editing I will use PicsArt. Aviary is best at quick and easy but quality image editing. But, when I want a bit more artsy result I’ll use SnapSpeed and PicsArt both to complement Aviary. I installed and tried Photoshop but found that I can do most things easier and faster with Aviary. I think Photoshop is brilliant with desktop computers but the app itself is unwieldy on a mobile phone.

Should You Use It?

It’s worth a try if you are finding yourself on the phone often editing photosdescribing something or writing description down. Any need to send verbal or written communication and documentation with description works best with pictures as it helps the other party understand immediately. In my opinion, this is where Aviary can drastically help. I installed Aviary from the day it was available on iTunes and I continue to use it today.

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