Are You Updating Your iPhone?

ios7This is a two part question. There is a new iPhone with shiny new hardware and then there is iOS7. The most impactful update is to iOS. This is where the guts of how you interact and where you extract the greatest value from your iPhone.

As a small business person you should NOT update at this time. Why not? As good as Apple is at software and as rigorous as their testing is there is often unforeseen problems with a new roll-out. If it isn’t an antenna that is malfunctioning or a security problem within the OS it takes time to shake out the bugs. Why not let those early adopters find the problems and allow Apple to fix them?

If you use your phone in your business wait. Wait a year and then read and listen to others that use it. You have a business to run and no time to be Apple’s beta tester.

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