Are You Still Using A Blackberry?

I’m hoping you are not. But I can understand if you are. I am a second-waver, a person that buys and uses devices one generation back from the current generation. This is because I am a value user and I’m sorry but Blackberry doesn’t fit that category. One of my best friends is a lawyer. He uses a blackberry, and that’s okay since he still mostly uses paper and does face to face meetings. His clients are old guys in corporate governance. I’m still bugging him about it and hoping he’ll pick up a new phone. But if you are reading this you are a small business person. You need to take advantage of the tools and office in a pocket you can get with the newer phones.

Many key apps will never be available on Blackberry.

Many key apps will never be available on Blackberry.

google-maps_1  gmail_1 flipboard_1I’ll be brutally honest here, Blackberry is dying. At least in the normal consumer, small business and progressive culture world. It will continue to lose market share and  that means it won’t have the latest and greatest apps you need. Last night I was telling my sons that they should get their credit union app because now it supports depositing checks from their phone. Cool I thought, but my son said, “I have never received a paper check that I need to deposit.” Duh! Busted by the new world order.

You, however, likely still deal with paper checks. You also can take advantage of the dozens of other useful apps (keep watching Smallbizmodo for hints and tips on these.) So get a real phone and one that supports the apps you need to keep you up to date and stop running to the bank.

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