Trusted Payment Service

PayPal is working hard at tech payments for small business. They just announced the beacon a hands free device that doesn’t even require the customer to pull out their smartphone. The customer has full control over trusted businesses. When they trust them the business can bill them as required only needing to have the customer physically in the establishment. There is a proximity sensor tool that uses a USB interface into many POS devices.

I don’t see this being used in a lot of businesses. Which ones do I trust to auto-charge me when I’m in the place. It won’t really work for a grocery store because I need the groceries rung up one at a time to verify what I bought and what each item costs. To my wife’s consternation I don’t pay attention to half the things I throw in the cart.

bartabA local watering hole is one obvious target and if you want to trust your local constabulary when you are a bit tipsy then I salute your trust. I have a bottomless coffee mug at a national bagel chain and I can see that may be possible but I still have to have the cashier ring it up. Bouncing my phone seems like a good gut-check for catching mistakes.

This tool is not available yet but I don’t see this widely used. Let’s see in a year where it goes.

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