Another Reason AT&T (and Verizon) Is Not A Good Carrier

deadzone2All mobile carriers have their problems. The most visible is when you have service problems. Dropped calls and slow data speeds are the most maddening parts of using your phone. As a small business person you probably consider your phone as well… a phone. Making and receiving calls, texting, and reading email are the things your phone does for you and it needs to do it well.


Data Is More Important To You Than You Know

expensivephoneThere are many other little things that are happening on your phone that are not as noticeable. When you take a picture it automatically uploads it to a cloud account, it monitors your flights and pops up reminders without you thinking. Many data activities are increasing and benefiting you. The two big carriers in the US are Verizon and AT&T. These two are the most expensive and the most restrictive in their data. Very convenient things like tethering and making calls over the data network are restricted or they charge you even more for them.


Force Them To Compete

competeThe best way to combat this is to push them into a competitive situation. Don’t let them confuse you by saying they have good coverage in Butte Montana (only relevant to people there). You need coverage in the areas you frequent and nationwide coverage doesn’t matter to you. So consider paying less, getting more flexibility in your service and in some instances having superior service  by looking at the little guys (T-Mobile, Sprint, MetroPCS or your regional carrier). When we drop AT&T and Verizons market share a bit they will respond.

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