Behaviors to help you relate to propsects

Running a business means you need people skills. You have to convince prospects to buy your services, keep customers happy and get reliable supplies and services from your vendors. The better your people skills the better your results. Consider these conversational techniques to build a rapport with your business partners.

Success in Life is about convincing people. Make that your goal and your business will run smoother and your life will …

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Develop online skills to help your business

Every business, and I mean every one, can benefit from the internet. I’m usually a bit more hedging in my statements and recommendations but the adage, knowledge is power, is appropriate. The internet is a bi-directional information tool. You can push out information for marketing, make it available for people who want to find you, and you can seek out information that you need. You may do competitive research, understand …

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Enjoy your electronics on the plane

The FAA has approved electronic devices during the entire flight, huzzah! If you travel for your business then this is one last procedural headache you can jettison from the flotsam of your life.

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Coffee Maker Dealz

I enjoy coffee, you enjoy coffee. Especially good coffee but I’m cheap. I don’t like spending $5 for a fancy coffee house drink. Today Amazon has a deal on a Mr. Coffee Latte maker.  My interest is in a cheap way to froth milk. I have only seen the steamer on espresso machines and more expensive ones. I don’t know if this milk is like your favorite coffee house but …

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When to use Quickoffice on your phone

I like Google Drive and Google Docs. It’s a great tool that handles 99% of my business needs. At times you may need to have access to these docs on your phone. In those cases where editing is needed Google has added functionality. But it is not always a pleasant experience. In the cases where you need to do more than just change a few words in a document consider going …

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Video equipment for small biz videos

Sometimes you need to make a video to help your customers or educate your prospects. Today there are inexpensive options. I think the biggest challenge is the skill in planning the content and executing making the video. It involves things like lighting, sound and editing.

If you want to tackle the project yourself Adam Dachis of Lifehacker has low-cost tips. The basics are an HD camera phone and a water bottle.

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Drip coffee maker deal

The problem with drip coffee makers is the water temperature. Their problem is that by the time they get the water to the coffee grounds the temperature is too cool and the water is not distributed well through the grounds. The Bodum coffee maker does both these things right and today at Amazon it’s on sale.

Oh, and they have different colors so don’t sweat the green.

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Writing effective cold emails

If your sales involve writing emails to new prospects without an introduction, a cold email, there are techniques that make them more effective. What I like about this article is it tells you be direct, honest and straight to the point.

You can see other ideas about obtaining email addresses and using other channels like using LinkedIn to message people. Even if you are up on social media it is worth a …

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Make your contact information easy for a prospect

When meeting new people the standard is to exchange business cards. If I’m doing this with someone who is selling to me I am not very strict about keeping track of the card and I’m not motivated to poke at my phone or type on my computer all of that data entry.

If you are selling you want your prospects to get and keep your information. So make it easy for them. Lifehacker …

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Improve your sales and customer service

My biggest weakness in business is my people skills, or I should say lack of skill. I come from a large family of challengers. I grew up in an environment where every claim and presentation of events was challenged in a loud aggressive manner. This may sound to some like a terrible upbringing but I thrived and enjoyed it. I took my bruising and it made me prepare for the …

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