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You like coffee, I like coffee. As in previous posts I mentioned I most often use a Chemex to brew up my daily coffee fix. I found a great deal on filter papers. I use the bleached white ones (because I’m not quite bohemian enough to enjoy the brown papery taste of the unbleached ones.)

If you go to Crate and Barrel you can pick up a set of 100 FC-100s …

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If you believe in Microsoft – Outlook

Outlook is rolling out tools to help you changeover from GMail to Outlook. So if you are a big believer in Microsoft and believe their online strategy will be viable then go ahead and change to Outlook. I’m an advocate of changing services when it makes sense. I change my phone number about every 3-5 years. It cleans away the people and services that have my number and forces them …

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Maximize your performance with exercise

Running a small business is an exhausting marathon. Work and pressure are unrelenting. I use exercise to help keep myself in good condition to help weather the demands that work puts on me. Consider the benefits of exercise in your business. It can help sustain you and therefore sustain your business.

Once you decide to use exercise research the topic. Take time and adapt and improve it as you learn more.

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Buy cheap on Cyber Monday

Two years ago I needed an infusion of laptops for my small business. I took advantage of a cyber Monday deal to pickup 10 of them at about $350 each. Consider your businesses upcoming needs and get some deals now. There will likely not be a better deal than this day.

Lifehacker has a set of guidelines and tips on how to maximize your research and buying on these deal days.

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Make life better when you travel

When you travel life can get uncomfortable. You have learned that you must adapt yourself to the rules and people around you. But Lifehacker’s got your back by giving you tips on making your life a little better. If you hate the temperature in your hotel room and it won’t get cool enough (warm enough) for you then they can help.

Check out their travel tips and pick the ones that …

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When to drink coffee

Coffee is a supplement, let’s face it it’s a drug. Many things we eat and drink have a chemical effect on our brains and nervous system. Taking that view it makes sense to determine when it is optimal to help us in our daily routine. Neuroscience blog has a good article on the best times to drink.

When I was a lad my parents always had a brewing pot of coffee …

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Typhoon Haiyan disaster relief

At Smallbizmodo¬†we meet many small businesses. One business has been greatly affected and is using their resources to help their neighbors. We wanted to highlight the disaster in the Philippines from the Typhoon Haiyan to our readers. This is a plea to have you help in any way you can. We have a relationship with a virtual outsourcing company based in the Philippines called Xilium. Their offices were a mere …

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Lock your phone

The world is different and your phone is different. You have a lot more information on it then just a few numbers. Add to that fact criminals can do more with your information. I recently found out that someone has attempted to open a credit card in my name using my social security number. How they got it I don’t know but times are different.

Many people are lax at phone …

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Lastpass update makes it almost usable

Being secure online is not a luxury. It’s not a convenience or something that makes your life easier. It makes it safer. Locking your front door is not quite easy enough, your house should know you are leaving and know who you are, not require you to carry a key and remember to do something before leaving.

Lastpass is one of the best password managers available for many platforms. Windows computers, …

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Set up your home office

When I started a business I worked from home and spent three years of very long hours working. Home offices have pluses and minuses. Consider the importance of your workspace and its impact on your life and income. It’s worthwhile taking a little time setting up for optimal work. Lifehacker has some tips on how to set up.

Issues like sitting for a long time, taking short 3 minute breaks, …

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