Cheap Hosting Service Dealz

Hosting websites do not have to be expensive. They should not be expensive and you need to ensure they contain the functionality required for your programs. Here is a snare a deal before it goes away. For this price you should just get it and worry about how to use it later. Get it before Friday Jan 25th.

This is recommended by Lifehacker as a top Hive Five service via Dreamhosting.

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Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle

Combine your Cloud Storage.

Cloud storage is great. If you use multiple gadgets and you do work across them or find times that you need access to a document or resource, it’s nice to have it. I have 5G on Dropbox, 25G on SkyDrive, 5G on Google Docs (I start losing track) but all of them are free. I may also have a Box cloud storage and a few …

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Connectify Dispatch

Connectify dispatch

Here is a great tool for small business. You are budget conscious and internet connectivity is important. If you are smart you are using VOIP for free calls but you want to continue to sound professional on your calls (scratchy, silences, too quiet or dropped calls). This tool patches together multiple internet connections to give you more consistent and greater bandwidth. I have operated small businesses for over …

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