Grind Your Coffee Beans


Whole coffee beans were the most significant impact to my coffee making. I noticed a flavor difference and enjoyed it. I have always been a freshness snob, whether it was a bagel or grocery store meat. When I’m at Walmart I always dig to the back and compare the freshness date.

The other major factor to coffee is water quality but I’ll stick to the beans for this post. …

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Secure Your Online Assets

Social Engineering is term that’s been around for a decade or more. The term is often used in reference to obtaining online or identity information for nefarious purposes. When considering security of your banking, credit card or even your company’s online assets like domain name or social accounts, there is weakness in the human side. The human side occurs when you call your institution, identify yourself and get them to …

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The Day And Time To Buy An Airline Ticket

In a followup to our last post about booking airline tickets with a VPN we have a reference to time and day for booking, hint – get ready to stay up late. As it turns out it matters exactly the time of day. When you know how internal systems work and how people behave you can take advantage and save hundreds of dollars.

The amount of time you should spend on …

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Use VPN For Airline Tickets And More

A previous post mentioned using Incognito mode for shopping. Gizmodo shares an experience which requires a bit more misdirection than usual. When booking flights it might be a good idea to use a VPN. This is a way to ‘move’ where you’re located. It’s a game that keeps shifting and if you take a bit of time you can save money.

This article leaves a bit out because it’s possible that …

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Going Online Requires Images

If you have your business online you need images from the internet. You take snapshots from your phone and a few selfies but you need graphics and related images to make your website or blog posts or any other social media not suck. So you go to Google and do a search and browse through the Images. Problem is that you need to know the rights to know whether you …

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Pushbullet Consolidate Your Phone And Computer

Lifehacker pointed me to Pushbullet, yet another notification tool for your Android phone. I have used several of these and everyone I uninstalled dissatisfied with the experience. What I want is to eliminate redundancy. When I’m on my phone and respond to a prompt, like a beep or buzz, then that’s the last I want to see it.  I don’t want to get to my computer and see the same …

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Morning Espresso For Long Term Memory

Nature, our planets definitive source of all research organic and natural, has told us to drink up. The clinical research looked at how well long-term memory is affected by caffeine. I constantly self-select research that reinforces my morning cup o’ joe. So feel good as you gulp down your Monday gourmet coffee, it will help you remember you morning commute forever.

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Google+ Becoming A Taxing Requirement

Google is pushing its users further into Google+. Requiring it for the more basic and desirable features that you want. I understand that these terrific services are mostly free and they need to find ways to monetize it. Today it has taken the Facebook like step of putting you in an opt-out method for  their social service, exposing more than you probably want. They are rolling out the ability for anyone …

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Why security matters to your business

Today Target announced a massive 40 million customer data breach. This is a large company and they are often targets of hacks and schemes to get at credit and debit card information. But what can we small business owners learn from this.



Trust is your business

As a small business person the trust of your customers is the most important factor in keeping old and generating new business. Your personal integrity and …

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Android keyboards do what iOS can’t

I’m reading about another newly released keyboards for Android called Fleksy. CNET has a review you can read and I’ll wax philosophical on this capability.

I struggle a bit with recommending adding or configuring a keyboard on any device. It is not really difficult for anyone that uses modern smartphones, tablets and other devices but it is an additional item you would need to pay attention to. I observe my friends …

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