Dump MS Office For Google Drive

For the majority of readers, small business owners, Google Drive and it’s associated apps provide more function than they can use. So why stick with Microsoft’s expensive solution?

You are familiar with it but you barely scratch the surface on what it does. Your barrier is you have never tried Google Drive Apps and don’t want to take the time. There is another reason to switch. Once you try them you …

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Men’s Suit Dealz

Macy’s is having a huge sale today on men’s suits, 70% off. So if you want to look great for business it’s worth picking up a few suits today. Make your next sales pitch, business meeting even better.

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Keurig Going The Way Of The Printer

Inkjet printers and their drug dealing ways of selling ink have irritated me for years. If you are not familiar with the printer scam I’ll share it here. The leading printer manufacturers, I’m talking about you HP, also manufacture and sell their own ink. HP sells their ink for outrages prices and has for decades. I soon learned that I could buy ink at 25% of the cost and refill …

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Backups And The Cloud

Security is important because you can lose control, money and life can become a real pain. I have advocated increased diligence not because I’m getting older but because the world is getting hacked more. Today I’m bringing up the 30 year standard advice Back Up Your Data Now.

Hard drives fail whether they are SSDs or spinning disks. In fact every hard drive will fail it’s just a question of when. …

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New Dangerous Phishing Scheme

I don’t usually post about particular threats or attacks. I try to stick to general strategies and methods to keep you safer (there is no completely safe here.) But this attack works around many of my usual strategies and I’m hard pressed to see how to operate normally and not get your account information stolen.

This phishing scheme sends a Google Doc and just previewing it can get your information stolen. …

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Stop Annoying Your Clients

Small business people’s personal lives mix with their business life. This is often a good thing because it helps you make connections and expand your network. But this means that you need to be more careful than the average person in how you present yourself. When and what you email is a large part of your persona.

For people who are not experts at communication here is a funny illustration on …

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Control LinkedIn Activity Posting

I receive emails from Linked In contacts about their job changes and congratulate them on their anniversary. Pretty annoying stuff. I often use default dates and information like 1/1/1900. Disinformation across the web universe can help to obscure others from gathering information you would rather control.

On Linked In I realized that they were sending out emails on my bogus anniversary dates and when I made a slight change of title a …

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Security Is No Longer Optional

Today I read about an iOS malicious program that logs an iPhone and iPad users keystrokes. For me this was the last straw. I used to balance the risk by justifying the lightning strikes only a small percentage of people. The average person has a medium to low tech level of skill and being exposed to bad guys was a matter of watching your transactions and stopping them after the …

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How To Make Coffee

While researching coffee sites for places to buy beans I bumped into the Blue Bottle Coffee instructional section. It gives a nice easy to follow set of instructions for most of the ways you would use to make a cup o’ joe. ¬†After browsing your favorite method go back and look for ways to select good beans (always buy whole bean).

I’ll confess I don’t care to make the rounds of …

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Smart Credit Cards

Most small businesses have to accept credit card payments. Target’s card information theft has changed the landscape for credit cards. We have been using the same basic tech developed and used in the 1960s. Human signatures are a contractual obligation and not a security scheme. I have always felt signing is pointless and a waste of time and manpower. And why are there different rules on signing at different businesses? …

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