Maintain Your Laptop Battery

You use equipment for as long as possible to save money. If your laptop ever moves away from your desk you’ll need a functioning battery. To keep it working a lot longer take a few steps to maintain it. You maintain your car, your equipment and any other asset you own. Why not your laptop? It’s easy once you learn the tricks.

Many new laptops (and phones) are coming with inaccessible batteries. This makes it …

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Salesforce Is Not For Small Business

Running a small business that functioned more as a virtual company than a local one, early on we had a need for archiving and sharing sales leads and information. But this only spanned 3 people. Solutions were cumbersome and difficult especially in the early 2000s. Solutions are not much better but collaboration and cheap cloud computing means it is easier to jerry-rig a solution usingcomponents like spreadsheets or DBs. It’s …

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Consider Replacing Your Cracked Screen

How many of you have a cracked screen. Raise your hand. Radio Shack has a good screen replacement program. Caveat: You must have a phone that is currently worth more than the value of screen replacement.The full cost varies by phone so consider that when you go in. The service part costs start at $60. I would guess you are looking in the area of $100.The alternative, buy a used phone on EBay. …

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Use A Smartphone To Be More Productive

I have seen many people use their iPhone and Android phone as a distraction device. Candy crush and Angry Birds are it’s main function. That’s a very expensive video game device.

Distractions can be beneficial at times but our natural addictive tendencies means it’s mostly a procrastination device rather than a productivity benefit. Years ago immediately after Pong released in the 70s I decided that I would not purchase a video game …

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EBay hacked change your password

You may use EBay for both business and personal reasons.  Bottom line if you have an account change the password now. And take the time to start using a password program creating passwords of at least 12 characters. This number is a lot harder to break.

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Maximize Your Battery Life

Your phone is hungry. Most people I see keep their phone’s brightness high even when it’s dark. I see people charging their phone to 100% as a matter of habit. These and many more habits are creating a device with short time between charges.

Some phones are now coming with the battery soldered inside.  Buying a battery is not an option. Although some can have it replaced it’s an expensive option. …

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OAuth and OpenID puts you at risk

OAuth and OpenID are technical terms used to help verify you using your Facebook or Google accounts into some sites. You see it on your Android phone as a yellow bar showing your Google Account email and asking should you log in, with an easy Yes/No button.

They use your existing accounts to make it simple and easy to login to sites. Without them you would have to go through the hassle of …

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Lastpass Gets Better

Lastpass the password security manager just added a new feature that not only makes your life easier but it will allow you to create safer passwords. Let me explain.

I have used Lastpass for around 3 years. A year ago I started using its feature for generating passwords that are more secure. I use this on websites that involve sensitive or financial information with a few exceptions. The exceptions were the …

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Landlines Are Dead – Long Live The Landline!

Landlines are expensive, inflexible and archaic. But they often provide the cleanest way to talk to another person. AT&T’s years of monopoly and refinement created a fantastic level of quality over two very thin and fragile copper lines. I’m amazed at the robustness and sound quality they were able to achieve.

Compare that to the static-y, volume fluctuating, frequent hang-ups of your cell phone. We suffer these problems because of the …

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Heartbleed The Internet Security Hole

Don’t change your passwords. It can expose you to higher risk than waiting. That’s the base level advice right now. Until you know that a particular website has updated their security, changing you password opens a heartbeat pingback that is exploitable.

I have recommended Lastpass as a secure way to hold your passwords. They have a terrific tool that checks all your sites and let’s you know when and when NOT …

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