Account For All Your Travel Costs

As a small business person I evaluate the value of a sales call against the cost and time of travel. The 1 hour flight time is often a problem to decide between driving and flying. This Lifehacker posts reminds us there is more costs involved than just the gas.

flydrive2An important travel factor is time. If you have a 1 hour flight you have to factor in the door-to-door time. On the front end of a flight you often have 2-3 hours of getting to and through airport security then boarding and takeoff time. The end of the flight has duplicate time so a flight can often have an extra 3-4 hours above and beyond the air time.



SpiritAir100Remember the extra charges for baggage. My brother traveled recently on Spirit Air and they charged for carry-on as well as checked baggage adding $70 to the round trip.

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