1Password iOS Dealz

If you’re a Mac and iPhone user and you either i) don’t have a password manager or ii) Use 1password and haven’t paid for one of your platforms then now is a good time to grab it from iTunes. They have both the Mac and the iOS app on sale for half price. Last time it was on sale was February so go grab it now.

lastpassv1passwordIf you don’t have a password manager then get one. Our recommendation at Smallbizmodo is Lastpass. But either one of these will work well for you. In head to head feature competition on iOS 1password wins out by a little because of ease of use (and not missing function.) But you can’t beat pricing on Lastpass. In my case since I’m a bit technical and cheap, I use Android and Windows I opt for using Lastpass. Your profile may point you to 1password so consider your needs.

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